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Comment: Beware of ‘Journalists’

In Comment on August 22, 2008 at 1:10 pm

This was scrawled into my dayplanner a month or so ago, and had forgotten about it until now. Enjoy.

I’m in business class, behind one of the top auto writers in the country. He’s got a brochure and booklet for the 2009 Mazda 6 on his tray table, beside his laptop, typing his story.

It’s an appalling article, even calling the engine — in a car he hasn’t driven — as “one of the smoothest and quietest in the segment.” Come on.

Oh, and do you think, “active adaptive shift control” are his words, or the marketers?

  1. I know what you mean.

    For my current job, it’s listening to people write or talk about personal branding.

    For my previous life, it’s having people tell me that they can hear the difference between two sets of wires carrying sound when they both cost over $100/m

    It’s the kinda situation where you would justify throwing up on someone…. just once.

  2. Classic.

    I love how you tagged it “spying.”

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