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Comment: On drives

In Comment on August 13, 2008 at 6:55 am

Lights and lanes, ticking by. Thoughts and dreams walking by. Body at ease, mind at the ready. Driving…

So much of life in the West is devoted to the pursuit of wealth and status, with personal happiness seemingly related to both but really a different idea altogether. I say idea because although 10,000 can pack a comedy theatre and enjoy a few laughs, true happiness is personal and exclusive to that person.

For me, it’s driving without a destination. Despite the backlash I get for saying that I both enjoy driving and that I do it for fun, one person driving one modern car affects the environment far less than you’d think. What I’m on about here is keeping clean your mental health.

What does it for me is the motion. The fact I have control over an object that can move me far faster through the world than I am capable is an absolute rush. It never gets old. Thinking ahead becomes a necessity, and adding traffic to the road mean that I have to start flowing in relation to those around me.

When movement permeates my thoughts, my heart slows. My fingers and toes rest. It’s like standing in the shower with warm water running over my face. At. Ease.

I’m saying to you to find what puts you at ease. What takes you away from life. What allows you to disconnect without losing yourself in the process. Whether it’s exercise, reading, art…do what makes you happy and keep doing what makes you happy on a regular basis. Find yourself through happiness, true happiness.

  1. If I didn’t drive around aimlessly from time to time, I’d probably have been committed by now. When I lived in a rural area that made it possible to drive for hours and see less than a handful of cars, I reveled in the escape that driving absolutely nowhere provided while taking in the scenery. Now, living in a crowded city, I also see the zen in simply being a part of the flow. In fact, it’s equally enthralling to me. There’s just nothing quite like getting lost on the road and lost in your own thoughts… For me, the journey IS the destination.

    It’s also fun to get lost on the Internet and stumble across random blogs like yours. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Paul. Nice to see I won’t be the only one on the road lost in my own thoughts. M!

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