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Comment: The Taurus X sucks

In Comment on April 14, 2008 at 3:58 pm

Please, don’t get me wrong: I love Ford. One of my first memories of them was when my dad came home in an Explorer Eddie Bauer, with which the family took on an extended test drive to Canatara Beach. It was brilliant. External temperature display and compass! Both very gee-whiz for a young kid.

He went with a less expensive Explorer, then into a Lincoln Continental. Green on green. Cool car.

But now I look across the Ford range — especially the Taurus X and Focus — and I wonder who the fuck has been making decisions at that company for the last ten years? in Canada the Taurus X costs $3000 more than an Infiniti EX35. Wait, what? The Focus is more than a Volkswagen City Golf! And dressing shitty vehicles up with crap like Sync won’t win you fans.

Ford, you won’t have much more time to think about selling cars until you can produce some great product. The Flex, MKS, Transit Connect, and everything Ford Australia or Europe makes looks amazing.

Why have you forsaken your home market?


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