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Comment: Alltop RSS aggregate

In Analysis, Link on March 19, 2008 at 9:33 am

If you’re not up on the latest Web 2.0 trends, fear not: neither am I. But RSS aggregates seem to be a huge traffic-driver these days, mostly because people still like their date categorized. Just like a newspaper. And searching requires typing? Oh noes!

I usually have a big workload (here) at the office, so knowing I can look at the pertinent news and stories across the web is very appealing. That I don’t have to remember (or clutter up) my bookmarks is also appealing. And, of course, it lets me see posts from my three favourite topics: cars, design, and social media.

My site isn’t listed on Alltop (yet!), but because I’d like to keep everyone informed with what catches my eye in terms of cars, design, and culture – and because it’s still early days here – I thought it’d help make web surfing just that much easier.

It also never ceases to amaze me that there’s a burgeoning gap between traditional media personalities / decision makers and their web counterparts. Old money vs. new? Possibly. Like who’s Guy Kawasaki?

Therein lies the problem traditional marketing faces. I mean, they know the web is a challenge and I don’t pretend to be saying anything that hasn’t been out there for the last ten years. But if you’re General Motors, why would you spend $10,000 on a double page spread in a magazine when you can have potential customers exposed to your ads as you surf the web – for a fraction of the cost? (If I started putting ads up, believe me the fraction would be 1/1. Ha.)

Not to mention there’s a finite time to read a magazine. You can’t just pop one open in the middle of a workday like you can a blog. You can’t put your finger on a new Pontiac magazine ad and be whisked away to a thousand videos of a G8 doing burnouts. That said, without tags and searches, I’d never be able to find anything I read on the web an hour ago.

There’s room for great journalism and content on the web, just as there’s room for compelling (free!) magazines. There’s also room for a little more personality in media that isn’t controlled (directly) by a massive conglomerate. That’s what I’ll be hoping to achieve here in a short while. But until then, enjoy Alltop!


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