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Link: Why a manual typewriter is best

In Comment, Link on March 11, 2008 at 2:09 pm
Great post I stumbled upon after checking out Jil’s links. It fits in perfectly with my comments on unplugging.
  1. I still have the first “real” typewriter I was ever given. I think my grandfather gave it to me when I was twelve, and I’d spend hours writing stories on it. It replaced a toy one I’d almost worn out.

    My aunt did the bookkeeping for her husband’s carpentry business, and when she bought a new machine, she sold this one to my grandfather. It’s an Underwood Standard upright.

    I used to have every typewriter I owned, until my husband begged me to clean out the “typewriter museum” that was clogging the cellar. I kept this one and polished it up, and now it has a place of honor here in my office.

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